The Biggest Cyber Security Threat is The ‘Dark Web’

We protect your company from data breaches and monitor the dark corners of the web to secure your business credentials and protect the identity of your employees.

Cyber attacks are on the rise and a constant threat. Data breaches are becoming a common occurrence, making businesses and consumers the losers. The dark web is where private personal and company credentials are sold to the highest bidders.

FACT: Over 70 percent of compromised attacks are fileless breaches, according to reports. This means that hackers are breaching security systems by exploiting their vulnerabilities. Don’t be next!

What is The Dark Web?

There are parts of the World Wide Web that are only accessible by using special software, allowing anyone to remain anonymous or untraceable. This poses formidable challenges for law enforcements all over the globe because the dark web is the perfect playground for people with devious intent. All sorts of illegal activities happen there and the #1 crime is information theft!

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How to Secure Your Business & Protect Your Identity

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Better safe than sorry. Yahoo, Deloitte, Equifax, including many more large and small companies were victims of cyber security breaches in 2017! Don't let your company be the next statistic.


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