Technology Consulting services

Technology should support your organization, not constrain it.

Rather than waiting for something to break, we setup preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of incidents.


We help you determine the technology capabilities needed to support your long-term goals. It’s time to cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends and create enduring results.


Identify the optimal state of your technologies, aligned with your business needs and goals. Develop effective implementation blueprints to create durable results.


Address pressing IT efficiency problems to reduce cost, improve productivity and develop capabilities for innovation, including agility.


Maximize business results from technology initiatives. Evaluate potential IT investments and setup projects for continued success.

Aligning Information Technology Strategies With Business Goals

We understand that business goals need to be aligned with IT strategies. So we work with you or your team to ensure that there's harmony between the goals of business and IT.

Penney Computer Consulting can assist you in enabling improvements in financial performance, keeping your organization one-step ahead of the competition and developing strategies to help your organization avoid the pains of digital disruption.

Technology consulting aligning business with information technology

Get full range of experience and expertise to help companies like yours navigate their specific business situations.

We bring amazing capabilities in strategic planning, business architecture development, data analysis, IT metrics and operating model challenges. We always perform due diligence when evaluating organizations.

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